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Why The 1992 Punjab State Elections Were Boycotted? Explains S. Harpal Singh Cheema

Leaders from Dal Khalsa and Akali Dal Panch Pardhani after signing the agreement.

Two main Pro Khalistan organizations, Akali Dal Panch Pardhani and Dal Khalsa have dismantled their current set-ups to form a joint platform. It was S. Harpal Singh Cheema who initiated to bring both organizations to form a united front. In this Interview he explains the necessity and process of current unity. S. Cheema also clarifies that why the elections for legislative assembly in 1992 were boycotted by the supporter of Khalistan freedom movement.

Interview With Rajiee M Shinde, The CEO of PTC Networks

ptc networks

Rajiee M Shinde, the CEO of PTC networks, arrived in Melbourne to attend the Indian Melbourne Film Festival. She was in the town to promote PTC network’s home production ‘Zorawar’ stared by Hunny Singh. In this interview, she was asked controversial questions about PTC and its presentation.

The True Story Of Kanishka Bombing


On 23 June 1985, Air India’s aircraft Boeing 747, Kanishka was destroyed with a bomb and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean near Irish coast killing all 329 persons on board. While an another Air India’s aircraft met its fate shortly before Kanishka at Japan’s Narita airport killing two baggage handlers. Canadian law enforcement and investigating agencies determined that the main suspects in the bombing were members of Babbar Khalsa. The investigation continued for 18 years, while the trial lasted for only 2 years. Both prime suspects were able to walk free as all the witnesses and evidences were proven false and tempered. Later on it was revealed by Zuhair Kashmeri and Brain McAndrew in their investigative journalism work Soft Target: How the Indian Intelligence Service Penetrated Canada, that these bombs were planted by Indian intelligence agencies. Click to Listen more.

Interview with Harinder Sikka—The Producer of ‘Nanak Shah Fakir’

Film 'Nanak Shah Fakir'

With his up-coming movie on first Sikh Guru, Harinder Sikka has accelerated a controversy. The movie is based on the life story and teachings of Guru Nanak Dev ji through the eyes of his long time companion Bhai Mardana ji. It is evident from the trailers of the movie that it will depicts Guru Nanak Dev ji through animation. While there are unconfirmed revelations that someone has played the character of the Guru ji. It is learnt from the Sikh scholars that playing the role Gurus or anyone related to the Guru Families or depicting them in animations would be leading the community towards idol worshiping. In this interview, Harinder Sikka was confronted by the radio host Jaspreet Singh.